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Meet Jules, author of the Bubble's World book seriesJules

Jules was born in Zambia and raised in South Africa, spending seven years in Australia, four years in England and has made her home in America for the past several years.

Jules has four children of her own and four grandchildren of which Vincent and Ben are featured in the Bubble's World book series. "Telling children's stories is a passion of mine and I have been storytelling for many years."

Brain research has shown when children's imaginations are stimulated, not only are they more attentive and retentive, but they also enjoy the process of learning. Whether we are two or sixty-two we are always learning and what fun it can be.

Each of her books has an underlying theme, the power of imagination which Jules says is key to childhood development. Each story has a lesson ranging from compassion towards the African people to universal love.

Riding in a Magic Bubble allows children to explore the world geographically, culturally and emotionally, inspiring children to see life through loving eyes with more compassion, caring, and tolerance. The adventures with Bubble are exciting yet on a soul level, thought provoking. The stories capture the imagination of all children because Bubble is their own imagination. When imagination is stimulated, children are naturally more creative, will believe in their dreams and create their own realities.

Bubble is the children's imagination personified. She is the nurturing, loving side within all of us. She is magic and sees the wonder in all things. Bubble inspires children to dream of the impossible, change their perceptions, and bring their imaginations to life. Bubble opens the doors to a more compassionate and loving world.