Book One - Boats and Bullies

Book One

Boats and Bullies

by Jules

Boats and Bullies

Riding in a Magic Bubble allows children to explore the world geographically, culturally, and emotionally inspiring children to see life through loving eyes, with more compassion, caring, and tolerance.

The adventures with Bubble are exciting, yet on a soul level, thought-provoking. The stories capture the imagination of all children, because Bubble is their own imagination. When imagination is stimulated, children are naturally more creative, believe in their dreams and create their own realities.

Bubble is children's imagination personified. She is the nurturing, loving side within all of us. She is magic and sees the wonder in all things. Bubble inspires children to dream the impossible, change their perceptions and bring their imaginations to life.

Book One Lesson: Don't Bully

Price: $9.60

Book Size: 8.5" x 8.5"

Paperback: 36 pages

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